IMPACT is essential when you are creating content !!

for your website design during the build process; it's important to concentrate on your message.


Deliver the maximum amount of information in a fast and easy to navigate way.


Keep in mind that 85% of visitors to your website will only view and/or read the visible portion of your homepage.


You NEED to get that first impression across.


Pretty, image-based sites may be appealing to the eye, but it's the content that you want to grab the customers attention. The inclusion of content as well as the effectiveness of the writing are all crucially important to the sales process.


Here are some things to think about.


What is my business message: First and most importantly your homepage needs to instantly convey what your company does and basic information about why you are a great choice for the visitor.


Why is this website important to the visitor: Beyond the homepage content what other information do you want to convey about your business to visitors.


  • Do you have location information to post (address, phone numbers, hours, etc...)?

  • Do you have pricing information to post?

  • Do you want to describe in more detail any goods that you sell?

  • Do you want to describe in more detail any services you provide?

  • Do you want to provide any industry information or links?

  • Do you want to provide any instructional or information content?

  • Do you want to post special online online coupons and/or promotions?


This is a basic list of possible content for your new website. The sky is the limit. You can post anything. Just keep your content relevant to your business.


What to look for:


  • Grabs visitor attention: The headline and very first sentences should get the readers attention and make them want to keep exploring.

  • Exposes need: Explain to the visitor what their need is for your product, service or information really is.

  • Demonstrates importance: Explain why their need, and therefore your solution to it, is important to their way of life.

  • Ties need to benefits: Talk about the benefits the readers gets from your solution. Put it in their terms.

  • Justifies and calls to action: Justify their time and provide clear calls to action to compel the reader forward.

  • Gets to best stuff quickly: Don't "save the best for last". Once you have their attention, get to the good stuff ASAP.

  • Reading level is appropriate: Talk at your audiences reading level (or below it without talking down to them). Don't talk above them.

  • Customer focused: Stay focused on meeting the customers wants and needs. It's about them, not you.

  • Benefits and features: Explain all the important features but also tell how those features will benefit them.

  • Provides re-assurances: Always reassure your visitors that what you offer is important/necessary/helpful/satisfying, etc.

  • Consistent voice: Speak in a clear consistent voice throughout the site. Don't change "personalities" from page to page.

  • Eliminate superfluous text: Get rid of any text that doesn't specifically assist with the sales process.

  • Reduce /explain industry jargon: Avoid using industry jargon that is unintelligible to the average person. Talk in terms your visitors will understand.

  • No typo, spelling or grammar errors: Eliminate all errors throughout your text.

  • Enhancing keyword usage (SEO): Know and use important keywords throughout your body copy.

  • Consistent use of phrasing: Don't change how you reference certain things. Be consistent on a page by page basis.

  • No unsubstantiated statements: Don't make claims that you can't backup and prove to be true.