Social Media Management starts with your business website and / or eCommerce system.

But a new level of engagement is needed to compete in today's marketplace.

Social Media Management is a term used as a catch-all for the technique of leveraging all forms of media available coupled with managing and coping with any negatives associated with same.

We use a multi pronged approach to Social Media Management

  • Cross-Platform Integration
  • Targeted Publishing
  • Reputation Monitoring and Customer Engagement
  • Social Platform Results Analysis
  • Advertising Implementation

Cross-Platform Integration

By intertwining your social presence across all available media you maximize your online results. Each implementation provides access to a potentially different client base. By cross platform management you can offer specific promotions or information to the client based on the platform.

Targeted Publishing

An example of this is Facebook where a detailed post including images and embedded media is commonplace. Twitter does not currently allow as much flexibility or space so a different message is needed.

We set-up accounts or modify existing to maximize the media format for that platform and allow each to integrate into the larger business strategy of our client.

Reputation Monitoring and Customer Engagement

All your online media needs to be monitored and those formats that allow customer engagement it is essential to be aware and react to comments, questions or feedback on these platforms in a timely and appropriate manner.

Social Platform Results Analysis

Using the tools provided by link tracking and social interfaces we tailor production and message based on what formats are most popular and which message technique yields better results. Taking and building on positives to maximize impact.

Advertising Implementation

In many cases your online advertising budget is part of your overall Social Management plan. Using the results achieved in unpaid postings you can better understand what platforms will yield highest return and how best to target that specific format to enhance result.

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